Call for Papers

2024 International Conference on Intelligent Vehicles (ICoIV 2024) will provide an ideal platform for dialogues, ideas, and collaborations within the realm of intelligent vehicles and the related domains. Please download the CFP flyer here (Click). 


Active and Passive Vehicle Safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Autonomous and Intelligent Robotic Vehicles

Collision Avoidance

Connected Vehicles

Cooperative Vehicle-infrastructure Systems

Driver Behavior and Risk Assessment

Driver Status Monitoring and Intention Recognition

Eco-driving and Energy-efficient Vehicles

Environment Perception and Recognition

Human Factors and Human-Machine Interaction

Image, Radar, Lidar Signal Processing

Impact on Traffic Flows

Integrated Safety of Road Users

Intelligent Decision and Motion Control

Intelligent Vehicle Software Infrastructure

Interfaces and Displays for Intelligent Vehicles

Multi-Sensor Information Fusion

Navigation and Localization Systems

Policies and Regulations for Intelligent Vehicles

Proximity Awareness Technology

Road Vehicle Dynamics and Control

V2V and V2I Communication

Vehicle Hardware / Software Systems

Vehicle On-board Diagnostics